My Passion: Working With Couples

I’m an extremely fortunate therapist who’s able to do exactly what he’s passionate about: Couples Counseling Burlingame (or Relationship Therapy). There’s no better feeling than seeing a couple come in full of frustration and resentment and leave with a deeper level of understanding and commitment with each other.

Most people know that the divorce rate in the U.S. is about 50%. However, that statistic doesn’t account for long-term relationships that don’t end up in marriages. If we take those into consideration, I suspect the success rate for long-term relationships would fall below 50%. It goes to show how hard it is to maintain a happy long-term relationship. It requires much time, effort, and endless communication. But we also know how good it feels to know that we’re in a stable and committed relationship. My goal as a therapist is to help you achieve exactly that.

The beginning of most relationships starts off with a lot of passion and tireless energy and it’s not hard to maintain engagement in that period because everything feels so great and natural. You don’t get tired of each other; you don’t need to sleep, and to some extent, your partner could do no wrong. However, as time goes on and the novelty wears off, it takes much conscious effort to keep nourishing the relationship.

The most common issue that couples bring into my office is communication difficulty. They love each other and they want to make the relationship work. But when a relationships is struggling, communication can feel like an insurmountable challenge which tends to bring the worst out of the couple. Remember, communication is a learned skill which can be unlearned and relearned. In couples therapy, people get to learn to listen, respect, empathize, take on other perspectives, and most importantly, learn from their partners, so they can start providing and receiving what they need from each other.